BONOLIO evoo 1lt (gift wrapped)



Christmas this year will look more digital than ever therefore for the first time ever we are introducing a dedicated section where you can buy your favourite products and we shall wrap and deliver to your loved ones. As well as the wrapping we shall include a xmas card so you are welcome to leave a comment that would you like us to write to them 

Please note that in order to ensure that we can deliver the products on time the last order must be received on Thursday 17th of December , furthermore to avoid disappointment you are invited to place you order in advance and specify the week of delivery on the order comment.

Don't forget to add a comment for the Christmas card 

Only the master olive oil producers know how to produce an unfiltered olive oil with an intense flavour of freshness. The aftertaste, lightly spicy, will be more pronounced until April, after that it will tend to soften becoming sweeter and well balanced. Taste it, as seasoning. To be used fresh (raw) on every dish, in particular on roast meat, fish, soup, hot bread and bruschetta.