Prosciutto Cotto (Sliced) - 200GR.



1 unit of 200gr

We love prosciutto! We will shout it from the mountaintops without shame. It’s salty, delicate in flavor, perfect on its own, in salads, sandwiches or as a gourmet appetizer, and a charcuterie board isn’t complete without some on it. But do you know the difference between Prosciutto Cotto and Prosciutto Crudo? The holidays are coming, so we checked in with Rovagnati to learn more and find out the best ways to use each kind of prosciutto.

Prosciutto Cotto
Cotto means the whole pork leg is cured and then cooked by slowly steaming it. This type of prosciutto will be bright pink in colors, fragrant and have a delicate, mouth-watering flavor. Because of its lighter flavor, this is the perfect prosciutto to use in a simple sandwich, or sliced on a single piece of great bread or served beside fresh pineapple and Gorgonzola cheese to let it shine. You can also try cotto in the recipe for bread lasagna below.