Spaghetti Pasta di Gragnano IGP 500g



Category: Long Pasta

Pack of 500 Gr

Made with durum wheat in the first extraction bronze dies 

A long and delicate drying low temperature complete the production of a high quality in a few specimens that have literally conquered the demanding palates of our customers.


Produced by Rigorosa di Gragnano
It is called Rigorosa because all of the production phases follow the traditional art of creating the pasta in Gragnano. The selection process for the semolina is rigorous. The water is only from Gragnano, the bronze die extrusion method is performed rigorously and the drying phase takes place rigorously in low-temperature cells. At the end, the result is absolutely thrilling. The surface of the pasta remains perfectly coarse. You will be surprised by how well it absorbs any type of sauce. To best appreciate it enjoy it cooked ...only 'al dente'.